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Carcinoid A rare form of "slow-growing" neuroendocrine cancer

Susan Anderson - An advocate for Carcinoid and Neuroendocrine Tumor Awareness

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Text & Some Pictures

Updated: 27 April 2017


27 April 2017 this web site was 20 years old, the 1st by a Carcinoid patient!


There is HOPE for those diagnosed with Carcinoid/NETS. 

I've started my 23rd year of active, full life: May 10, 1995 -- May 10, 2017.

April 27, 2017 was the 20th anniversary of this page;
 the FIRST by a Carcinoid patient.


April 23, 2014 I began Dialysis every evening at home
due to being Stage 5 Chronic Kidney Disease.

My memoir book Becoming Sunny Susan is now available
softcover and ebook!  By Susan L. Anderson           

NEW -  
Click on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sBZnPOGHf-8

to view the 90 second book trailer video from YouTube!

My story is one many of you can identify with – an uplifting look at a life that I am determined to live well, despite all the obstacles I have been dealt. At the heart of the story is the idea of LIVING with cancer. It took eight years to correctly diagnose my rare disease, Carcinoid/ Neuroendocrine Tumors. Then, they said I would die in just a few more years. That was 18 years ago, and here I am! How have I faired? Very well. Read the book to find out how I have lived a happy life, even with cancer.

Would you help to spread the positive word by telling your friends, by gifting the book, and by posting a review for other readers on the www.amazon.com  page? We know how valuable a positive recommendation can be.                                                           


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 Susan's Photographs of David B Adventure

Motor Vessel David B Adventure - Write - up
8 - 21 August 2013

 Susan's Photographs of Kauai, Hawaiian Adventure

15 – 29/30 June, 2013
- Write-Up

Susan's 75th Birthday 26 Dec. 2012

Thanksgiving at Grand Canyon 2012

Alaska Cruise
September 2012

* * * * * * * * * * * *
                          * * * * * * * * * * * *     

1st Scott "cousins" reunion and
Wyoming trip, July 12 - August 3, 2012
Susan's Photographs

Baltic Cruise, round-trip Copenhagen, Denmark
August 31 - September 11, 2011
- Write-Up

Susan's Photographs of Baltic Sea Cruise
August 31 - September 11, 2011

Re-positioning Cruise – Trans Atlantic from Copenhagen,
Denmark, Scotland, Ireland, N. Ireland, Iceland, Greenland, Nova Scotia,
Ft. Lauderdale, FL
September 11 – September 29, 2011
- Write - Up

Susan's Photographs of Trans Atlantic Cruise
September 11 - September 29, 2011

* * * * * * * * * * *

North Eugene High School's 50th Reunion &
Week at the Oregon Coast
August 6 - 16, 2010
- Write-up

Susan's photographs of N. Eugene H.S. 50th Reunion &
Week at the Oregon coast - August 6 - 16, 2010

 Easter Island, Chile (total solar eclipse), &
Tahiti, Moorea & Bora Bora, French Polynesia

July 9 – 17, 2010 - Write-Up

 Susan's photographs of Easter Island, Chile,
and French Polynesia 
July 9 - 17, 2010

Howard's photographs of the total solar eclipse
Easter Island, Chile, July 11, 2010

Howard's photographs of Easter Island, Chile
July 11, 2010

 Howard's photographs of Tahiti, July 2010

Howard's photographs of Moorea, July 2010

 Howard's photographs of Bora Bora, July 2010

Antarctica & South American Adventure
01/11 - 02/03/2010 - Write-Up

 Susan's photographs of Antarctica & South America
01/11 - 02/03/2010

Howard's photographs of Antarctica & South America
01/11 - 02/03/2010

Howard's VIDEO clips from Antarctica & South America
01/11 - 02/03/2010

New Zealand / Australia 02/10 - 04/08/2009 - Write-Up

 Susan's photographs of New Zealand/Australia/Tasmania  Part I
 02/10 - 04/08/2009

Susan's photographs of New Zealand/Australia/Tasmania
Part II
 02/10 - 04/08/2009

Howard's VIDEO clips from New Zealand / Australia / Tasmania 2009

Howard's photographs of New Zealand/Australia/Tasmania - Part I - 02/10 - 04/08/2009

Howard's photographs of New Zealand/Australia/Tasmania - Part II - 02/10 - 04/08/2009

 Polar Bears, Churchill, Manitoba 10/26 - 11/2/2008 - Write-Up  

 Polar Bears, Churchill, Manitoba 10/26 - 11/2/2008 - Photos1  

 Polar Bears, Churchill, Manitoba 10/26 - 11/2/2008 - Photos2

Howard's Polar Bear, Churchill, Mantioba 10/26 - 11/2/2008 - Photos

 Alaska 13+ week Adventure June 28 - Sept. 28, 2007 Write-Up of this trip

Alaska/Canada 6/28 - 9/28/2007 (Susan's)

Photographs Alaska/Canada 6/28 - 9/28/2007 (Howard's)

Photographs CA - Oregon - CA 2006 (Susan's & Howard's)
CA - Oregon - CA 2006 Write-UP 

Photographs Baja Mexico 2006 (Susan's Photos)

Photographs Baja Mexico 2006 (Howard's Photos)

 Whales & Wildlife Baja Mexico Cruise Write-up 

Photographs Galapagos Islands 2005 (Susan's Photos)

Photographs Galapagos Islands 2005 (Howard's Photos)

     Galapagos Highlands & Islands Adventure Write Up

Photographs Wyoming (winter) 2005 (Susan's Photos)

     Wyoming Adventures Write-up

Photographs Red Hat Convention, Las Vegas, NV 2005
(Susan's Photos)

4th Red Hat Convention Write-Up

Photographs Munich Area, Germany 2004 (Susan's Photos)

Photographs Berlin, Germany 2004 (Susan's Photos)

     Germany Trip Write Up

Photographs Hawaiian Cruise 2004 (Susan's Photos)

    15 Day Hawaiian Cruise 2004 Write-Up

Photographs Costa Rica 2004 (Susan's Photos)

      Costa Rica Trip - Write-up

Photographs Mexican Cruise 2004 (Susan's Photos)

      Mexican Cruise 2004 - Write-Up

Photographs Northern California 2003 (Susan's Photos)

Photographs Northern California by (Howard's Photos)

Photographs San Diego 2001 (Susan's Photos)

Photographs Wyoming 2001 (Susan's Photos)

Photographs Alaska 2000 (Howard's Photos)

     Alaskan Cruise 2000 Write-UP


Since my diagnosis my husband and I have: spent two weeks on the ocean edge in Kauai, Hawaii (1997),  have taken a two week cruise to and from Alaska (2000), taken a two week cruise to and from Hawaii (2004), in addition to other trips and activities. (Please see my "Travel" section for the latest and also photographs.) In January 2004 I took a Mexican cruise with three gals from my Red Hat Society chapter, and in March 2004 another friend (who also went on Mexican cruise) and I had a very high energy, adventure trip to Costa Rica. My husband and I enjoyed a winter 2005 trip to Wyoming to dog sled, snow mobile, snow cat with visits to Yellowstone National Park and Teton National Park, Wy (were also there on 9/11/2001).  In Oct. 2005 we had the "trip if a lifetime" two plus weeks in the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador. We then did a Whales and Wildlife Cruise in the Sea of Cortez / Baja, Mexico in January 2006.  We drove to the Carcinoid Conference in Portland, OR, Sept. 2006 and took more than a month coming home down the Oregon and California coasts.   During the summer of 2007 we enjoyed a 13 1/2 week driving trip to and from Alaska.  We frequently mention that each and every day of the Alaskan adventure was wonderful!  Later in 2008 we visited the Polar Bears north of Churchill, Manitoba, Canada.  We were gone February, March and early April 2009 for a great trip to New Zealand and Australia! In January and early Feb. 2010 we visited Iguascu Falls in Brazil, cruised among the icebergs and penguins of Antartica, also visited Argentina, Chile, the Falkland Islands,  and Uruguay.  In July 2010 we went to Easter Island, Chile, to observe the total solar eclipse (photos on my TRAVEL page on this web site).  We also visited: Tahiti, Moorea and Bora Bora, French Polynesia and have a wonderful, but too short, time.  In the fall of 2011 we did back to back cruises and visited Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Russian, Estonia, Norway, Scotland, Ireland, Iceland and Greenland.

With those trips I have visited ALL 50 states of the USA, plus Canada, Mexico, France, Switzerland, England, Wales, Germany, Costa Rica, Ecuador, New Zealand, Australia, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Falkland Islands, Uruguay, Antartica, French Polynesia, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Russian, Estonia, Norway, Scotland, Ireland, Iceland and Greenland.  We "camp" (now in a small motorhome) here in Arizona, often taking my husbands 10" telescope so he can take deep space photographs; we also "camp" at Bluegrass Festivals and Bluegrass music camp-outs.  We enjoy travel and the out of doors, in addition to art, music,  history, science, books and new technology.  We both like to learn new things all of the time.  What is right for one person is NOT correct for another one.  But, I believe in "The Golden Rule" and try to practice that.

 * * * * * * * * * * *

Since 1996 --- when I first located others with Carcinoid --- I have answered every email sent to me, although some replies were delayed longer than I liked. I am NO longer able to reply to all e-mails due to the volume and other things going on in my life (all good).  I do love hearing from others, but an unable to reply to all individually. 

This web site was 20 years old on April 27, 2017.

Since my husband "retired" I am away from my computer for days, and sometimes, weeks at a time.  Yes, there is wireless internet and we have tried that a number of places.  But, if I deal with email when we are away from home then it is not a "restful vacation" for me.

PLEASE use the SEARCH capability at the top my pages.  You may search for a word, a phrase, a drug, a treatment, a book title or anything you can think of. You may search this site only, or search the complete World Wide Web.

To speak with a person please know you may call the “telephone information and support line” of the Carcinoid Cancer Foundation, Inc. (CCF), Tuesday through Thursday  10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Eastern Time at  1-888-722-3132 (free) or 1-914-693-1001.   “The information and support line” is staffed by medical professionals.   Mondays and Fridays are research days, if you call then and do not reach a person do leave a clear message.  The Carcinoid Cancer Foundation’s (CCF) superb web site is at http://www.carcinoid.org

+ + + + + + + + + +

It has been said that Carcinoid is a "looking good cancer" -- meaning most of us look very healthy, have good color and others can not tell when meeting us that we have a terminal disease.  It has also been said that Carcinoid is one of the most costly cancers to treat -- because many people with it live for years and / or decades, thus have long-term treatment costs.  I have heard from people who were diagnosed in the late 1960's and early 1970's which is encouragement for all of us.

Daily I try to count my blessing , have at least one good "belly laugh" over humor, review positive poems and good things to think about, and live each day to its fullest enjoying each and every one!  I remain optimistic about my future!  I have no way of knowing how long I will have this level of GOOD quality life, but my goal is to make the most of it for as long as possible! As my wonderful husband, Howard, says "each day is a gift"!

+ + + + + + + + + +

CCF -  Serving the carcinoid/NETs  patient and medical community for 
more than forty years (chartered in 1968)
   “Meets Extensive Standards of America’s Most Experienced Charity Evaluator”
Better Business Bureau

* * * * * * * * * *

Copyright 2000 -- 2016 by Susan L. Anderson and/or Howard C. Anderson. 
All Rights Reserved.

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